About Us

Metro-Atlanta Watchmakers and Jewelers


As third generation watchmakers with 30 years of experience, our watch and jewelry expertise is without rival in the Atlanta area.

Customers come to us because of our knowledge and capabilities. They stay because of the friendly service.

We perform all repairs in-house

At King’s, we never send your family heirloom away to be repaired by a stranger. We perform all repairs right here in our store – it’s a rare thing to find!

Thanks to our in-house expertise, you save months of time waiting for your jewelry to be fixed. And you can talk directly with the people working to make it look new.

We repair and restore all watches, from high grade to simple quartz movements. All of our work comes with a 1-year guarantee and includes cleaning and polishing.

Speaking of our team…

Everyone at King’s boasts expert training and manufacturer certification. Thanks to our credentials, we can – and do – use genuine certified parts for all of our repairs and custom creations.

If you’re talking to a member of our staff, you’re talking to an expert. We’ve been trained by the manufacturers, including Swiss, Rolex Omega, Hamilton, Brightling, Tag, Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, and many more.

Outside the Swiss service centers, the watch repair industry has shockingly few highly skilled, highly qualified providers. We fill that gap in the marketplace.

David Murray Kings watch jewelry repair

Craftsmen through and through

At King’s, we’re at our best when we’re creating or recreating custom pieces. Using specialized tools, modern equipment, and experienced hands, we design and construct 100% unique rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

When an off-the-shelf piece doesn’t capture your vision, we create one that does.

David Murray Kings watch jewelry repair

Meet Our Owner

David Murray

David Murray entered the watchmaking business as an apprentice to his father, a master watch and clockmaker who was trained by David’s grandfather. Following 20 years in the wholesale watch repair business, David opened King’s Watch and Jewelry Repair in 2011.

At King’s, David meets directly with customers, teaches them about their watch – why it’s not working, what it needs, how to care for it – and a provides a second-to-none repair and restoration service. For David, watch and jewelry repair is more than just a business. It's his lifelong passion.